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The Werq

Stage. Page. Screen.


The Werq

Stage. Page. Screen.


Final Stage, Woman of the World National Poetry Slam. -Houston, TX

BARS is a Rap for Musical Theater workshop in NYC. The BARS MEDLEY is a final project featuring Ashley August and Daveed Diggs, (Hamilton, Broadway)!

**Ashley at time marks 5:55 and 9:16

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New York Citys 2013 Youth Poet Laureate, Ashley August, on TVOnes acclaimed poetry and soul show Verses and Flow!



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The Catcall Clapback; Collection One

Who you think you talking to?

Don’t you know I’m the reason you can’t shut any wet part of your face

Why the baddest hurricanes all strut a womans name

I put god in my hands


Watched it rain

Skid my teeth cross the thin skin of my full lip to usher the sun in

So yeah, I make you dog pant, beg big

But I’m also the reason you hallelujah.

Just as much life I've given you, I could taketh away

Calling me bitch only sharpens my blade

Only makes me wanna watch you gargle your own tongue

I been a killer

Baby I keep caskets warm

God in business

I parade into empty rooms and the wallpaper don’t even stand up no mo

My pussy be hurricane season

So the next time you see me walk in a room

Out a room

Down the block

Just say amen

Like I’m the answer to the sky