BARS is a Rap for Musical Theater workshop in NYC. The BARS MEDLEY is a final project featuring Ashley August and Daveed Diggs, (Hamilton, Broadway)!

**Ashley at time marks 5:55 and 9:16

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New York Citys 2013 Youth Poet Laureate, Ashley August, on TVOnes acclaimed poetry and soul show Verses and Flow!


Black Girl Colorblind

The first time you kiss a white boy 

You will taste the Nazi in his saliva 

And ignore it.

Realize his lips ain’t moon full like the black boys on the ave

Ain’t got that home feeling like plane touch down from where you came from

But go along with it 

He was nice enough to invite you to his dorm room

Your eyes will glaciate in openness

Curious to see what his breed does in this kind of heat

Drunk and hazy

You will notice what looks like a big star on cloth aloft the bed where most people you know place black Jesus 


You will convince yourself it is the Star of David

Jewish boy harmless you say in thought

We got them back home and they cool


The room will be rayless and black 

   Like skin

Like night

   Like crow

No Jim

Like cast iron pot Mama cooks every good meal in 

Black like coal 

   Hot like coal

Black like tar


And soot

Like last girl at adoption agency 

Like first person "missing" in horror film

Like oil they searching for

Like runaway 

Like underground


Like barefoot bottom

Black like gun range target board

Like target

Like targeted flesh

Like targeted flesh you know the name of


He will say

"Isn’t it a privilege to kiss me 

Like this"

Like God got in his skin when your lips bent for each other 

You will reply 

"I thought privilege was a your people type of thing?"

The first time you kiss a white boy

The Klan will be hissed into your mouth

While you realize all the things he sees you as

 and the year

You will grasp that,

You are only craving, thirst and motive because you remind him of everything conquered

Just by surviving his own birth